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Furlesse Lip-sticks-Lip Line Reducing Patches

Anti-wrinkle patches for around the mouth


Are lines around your mouth preventing lipstick from staying put? Thanks to years of pursing and puckering up, these lines become etched into the skin. Furless Lip-sticks are an entirely new risk-free option, and these patches stop the lines at the source without irritation. Designed for nightly use, these patches prevent the puckering so you can wake up to a smoother set of lips.

Skin Treatment

  • + Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    Anti-aging skincare treatment products for anti-wrinkle treatment boost cell regeneration and collagen that keep skin looking youthful. In addition to minimizing existing lines, anti-wrinkle treatment also prevents furrows from forming.

Spa Tips

Clean your skin as usual. If you moisturize, wait a few minutes until it’s absorbed. Gently smooth your lip and expressions lines and place the patches on your skin. To remove, peel the patch back across itself, from one corner to the other. Use nightly for best results.

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