Raid The Supermarket: Yummy DIY Food Facials For Fresher, Younger Skin

Dorothy Tan

diy food facial

This may be new to you, but the secrets to fresher, younger-looking skin can be found at the fresh produce aisles in your local supermarket.

In addition to being great for our bodies when eaten, whole fruits and vegetables that are pumped with anti-aging goodness can also be used in DIY food facials that will combat free radicals, keeping your skin firm and wrinkle-free—to top it off, edible masks are also easy to make and wallet-friendly.

Health magazine recently featured a collection of yummy DIY food facial recipes that you can whip up in a jiffy to give your skin a quick boost—including both well-known wonder fruits like the pomegranate and unlikely skin saviors such as maple syrup, these masks are made for exfoliating, hydrating, softening and smoothening skin.

Each of these recipes comes with a short description of exactly what it does for your skin, so you can pick those that address your specific skin concerns.

Have you tried any of these DIY food facials before?


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