Try It or Skip It? Unique Beauty Tricks That Celebrities Swear By

Dorothy Tan

beauty tricks

Most celebrities face the pressure of having to constantly look like a million bucks—or risk an unflattering appearance in the paparazzi pages—so we can hardly blame them for obsessing about their looks. Considering this, it is not surprising that some of these famous people have unusual beauty secrets that they swear by. Women's Health magazine recently gathered 11 weird celebrity beauty tricks that range from the merely odd to the truly bizarre. For instance, while Catherine Zeta-Jones washes her hair with beer to keep it looking gorgeous, Jennifer Love Hewitt dabs toothpaste on zits to calm them.

The weirdest one of the lot would have to be reality TV star Snooki's skincare tip: she uses cat litter to exfoliate her skin.

Beauty experts have also weighed in on these unconventional methods to looking good—based on their scientific validity, they advise the reader on which celebrity beauty secrets to try, and which ones to skip.

Read about more beauty tips from the stars here—would you give any of them a go?

[via Women's Health]

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