Unsure About Botox? This App Shows How You Will Look Post-Injection

Dorothy Tan


Toying with the idea of getting Botox but want to know how you will look with it before going under the needle? To help you make the decision, there is now an app that will show you a preview of the post-injection you.

Developed by Allergan, which owns Botox Cosmetic, the "Allergan iVisualizer" app (a.k.a. the “how will I look with botox app”) allows those considering going 'under the needle' to see how they will potentially look after the injectable aesthetic treatment. The app is also packed with information about what to expect with the procedure and answers to other frequently asked questions.

According to New York-based dermatologist Dr Gervaise Gerstner, many patients are interested in Botox and the iVisualizer is a useful tool that she uses to quickly show them how the treatment can lessen the appearance of lines. However, the creators of the app have stated that the results displayed by it do not guarantee actual outcomes.

Want to download this app for botox previews, advice and information? It’s available free for the iPad – get it here.

[adapted from New Beauty]

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