Beauty Experiment: What Sleeping With Make-Up On Does To Your Skin

Dorothy Tan

sleeping with make-up on

You have heard a million times how sleeping with make-up on is disastrous for your skin, but do you know exactly what tucking in for the night without cleansing your face does to your skin?

Daily Mail journalist Anna Pursglove recently embarked on a beauty challenge to answer this question. To find out what happens when women do not remove their make-up at the end of the day, she decided to leave her make-up on for not just a night, but an entire month.

By the third day, the stress on her skin caused by constantly having make-up on starts to show. Over the next few weeks, she not only experienced parched skin, enlarged blocked pores and deepened wrinkles, but also developed tiny white cysts and an angry eye infection.

According to dermatologist Dr Stephanie Williams, Pursglove's skin has aged approximately 10 years over the month of the experiment. Fortunately for the reporter, no significant long-term damage has been done to her skin.

If you have been sloppy with make-up removal, this should scare you into diligence.

[via Daily Mail]

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