Spots, Be Gone! Effective Acne-Zappers That You Already Have At Home

Dorothy Tan


Got a zit? That need not necessarily mean a trip to the drugstore for some acne treatment cream. You may not know this, but some of the most effective zit-zappers can already be found in your home.

PopSugar Beauty has recently highlighted five "at-home acne remedies that really work". From wholesome breakfast food to over-the-counter pills, you would be surprised to find that these household products are also great for quelling an acne flare-up.

  • Not only great for hangovers, aspirin fights acne with salicylic acid. Crush up a few pills, mix in water and honey before spreading on your face like a mask.
  • Toothpaste as pimple treatment is not just an old wives' tale as the sulfur in it actually helps to calm acne. Just remember to avoid whitening and tartar prevention toothpaste.
  • Nutritious milk does a lot of good for our skin. For instance, its fats moisturizes while the lactic acid in it serves to gently exfoliate. Fix in brown sugar and organic honey for a brightening scrub that keeps your pores clean and healthy.
  • Ibuprofen, a painkiller for minor aches, also has anti-inflammatory properties that calms the redness and irritation of acne.
  • A natural exfoliator that calms skin, oatmeal can be used to create a mask that cleans our your pores and sooth your skin.
[via Pop Sugar Beauty]

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