Sweaty Mess: Why You Shouldn't Wear Make-Up During A Work-Out

Dorothy Tan


Wearing cosmetics during a work-out session at the gym may result in consequences more dire than just unsightly streaked make-up on a sweaty face. It can cause more troubling skin problems like clogged pores, dull skin texture, blackheads or even an angry case of acne.

According to London-based facialist Debbie Thomas, exercising will get us hot and sweaty, which leads to a enlarging of the pores. Not only does cosmetic products prevent the skin from breathing properly and detoxing, working out with make-up will clog open pores over the long run.

Thomas advised that we cleanse our skin and apply a light, easily absorbed serum before hitting the threadmill. Hydrating products with loads of anti-oxidant are preferred to counteract the free radicals created when we exercise.

To top it off, wearing make-up during a work-out may also mean that you would burn less calories. Considering all these detrimental effects, would you still exercise with a full face of make-up?

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