Beauty Thief: Steal These Awesome Celebrity Skincare Secrets

Dorothy Tan

celebrity skincare

While most  celebrities already have genetics on their side, it does not mean that they do not work to keep their skin in tip-top, glowing condition. Surprisingly, not all of these beautiful people merely throw money at their beauty woes, although they definitely have truckloads of it. Some of their skincare secrets are unexpectedly simple and achievable.

The Huffington Post recently put up a list of celebrity beauty secret that you can steal easily without bursting your budget. From more exotic options that takes a little guts to try to simple drug store products, these skincare tips from the A-listers may have you looking radiant and fresh in no time.

Extreme facials: For the most high-profile wedding of the decade (or century), Kate Middleton reportedly went for a bee venom facial to get her skin looking smoother and more youthful.

Going under the needle: Diane Lane supposedly undergo cosmetic acupuncture to maintain her youthful good looks. Other celebrities, such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, are reportedly also fans of this prickly procedure.

Oldies but goodies: While Jennifer Aniston slather Vaseline under her eyes each night, Marion Cotillard swears by the beatifying qualities of argan oil and the lovely Miranda Kerr uses common lip balm around her eyes for a shimmery effect.

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