Autumn Regimen: How To Keep Skin Looking Great In The Colder Months

Dorothy Tan


We are already half way through autumn, so if you are still sticking to your summer skincare routine, it is high time to make the shift and prepare your skin for the colder months ahead.

According to Tamara Floyd on Babble, your skin needs a different regime during the fall, and boosting moisture is a big part of ensuring it continues to look great in the crisp, dry air.

Get rid of dehydrating alcohol-based toners and start using a moisturizing aloe vera based one instead. Cleansers should also contain gentler ingredients, such as soy milk.

If you are not used to a daily moisturizer, you can try using a natural oil like avocado oil, which is known to hydrate the skin and boost its elasticity. In addition, natural oils also provides sun protection, which is still necessary even when the sun is less intense.

(via Babble)

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