That Time Of The Month: How To Treat Your Skin During Your Period

Dorothy Tan


 It is common for women to notice sudden changes to their skin when before and during their periods. Whether it is a splat of acne or heightened sensitivity, it makes sense to treat your skin more carefully during that time of the month when it is particularly reactive.

To help you maintain a good complexion during this monthly event, Boldsky has highlighted a few easy tips that you can practice to keep your skin looking great.

Hydration: Water is essential for clear skin all the time, but it is especially important a week before your period is due. So drink up.

Face Masks: This is the time to start slathering on the face packs. While most fruit masks would do, cucumber is best for soothing irritated skin.

Exfoliation: Be gentle with your delicate skin during your period and avoid harsh exfoliation that will cause it to tear.

The Glow: Skin tends to be dull during periods, so give yours a little boost with a nourishing herbal treatment like a green tea face mask. It should help with achieving that coveted glow.

(via Boldsky)

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