The Sensitivity Battle: Do's and Don'ts Of Caring For Sensitive Skin

Dorothy Tan

sensitive skin Sensitive skin is an issue that many people have to deal with, especially in places where there is a lot of pollution or where the weather is hot.

While it may seem difficult to care for sensitive skin, there are a few simple skin care rules you can stick to in order to prevent sensitivity issues from cropping up. For instance, there are a number of ingredients that should not be present in skin care products for sensitive skin.

Foam: People often want their cleansing products to foam as it makes them feel cleaner. However, it is usually a sign of strong surfactants like sulphates that causes dryness and sensitivity in skin. Stick to non-foaming cleansers for a gentle, non-irritating wash.

Parabens: While parabens may be effective preservative agents, they are also a common allergen. Avoiding them can reduce the chance of rashes on sensitive skin.

Artificial Fragrance: Containing countless unknown chemicals, fragrances is a high risk element for sensitive. As it is difficult to avoid fragrance altogether, use products with natural instead of artificial fragrances.

SunscreenSunlight can cause sensitive skin to react badly. Regular application of broad-spectrum, SPF30++ sunscreen can help to protect sensitive skin from the sun's harmful effect.

Facials: Exposing sensitive skin to harsh facial procedures, like extraction, and unknown skin care products can cause redness and even acne break-outs.

(via The Times of India)

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