The Itch: What Causes Eczema & How To Deal With It

Dorothy Tan


Statistcally, one to three percent of the adult population suffer from eczema, a skin diseases that causes its victims to experience a hard-to-ignore prickly itch, alongside other unpleasant symptoms like red, flaky skin.

While science could not yet pin-point what causes eczema, nor has it found a cure for it, there are still ways to prevent flare-ups and to help sooth skin irritated by the condition.

According to Diane Dunn of the National Eczema Association, moisturizing is key as the disease is believed to be caused by a defect in the skin barrier that results in its inability to retain moisture. Keeping eczema-prone skin hydrated becomes even more important during the dry and cold winter months.

Other than working with dermatologists on prescriptions, frequent bathing with lukewarm water and moisturizing with a good cream within three minutes after your shower can serve to lock in moisture and calm the skin.

Non-irritating skin care products are a must for people who suffer from eczema, who should also watch their diet carefully for food that are likely to cause a bad reaction.

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