Skin Detox: How To Give Your Skin A Break From Too Many Products

Dorothy Tan

With so much skin care products on the market, it is easy to end up with an overly complicated skin care regime. Sometimes less is more, and using too many products can actually lead to congested, dull and unhealthy skin.

Going back to basics with a skin detox by cutting back on the number of products you use would give your skin a much needed break. To kickstart such a detox, use a simple moisturizer like the very gentle and natural Jojoba oil for a few weeks.

For people with more mature skin, stop cleansing with water and switch to a nourishing cream cleanser instead. Clean off with a steaming muslim cloth.

While a day cream is necessary for protection against dehydration and pollution, you can cut out the night cream and replace it with a treatment oil. Plant oils and essential oils works really well as they have a natural affinity with our skin.

Holding a steaming muslim cloth to your face for a slow count of five can also have the effect of a facial when done three or four times at a go. Finish off with a facial mist and a little moisturizer or face oil.

(via Telegraph)

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