We Can Teach You How to Get Glowing Skin the Right Way

Julia Sachs

We get it—there’s so many skin care products out there that choosing the best one for yourself can be difficult. What one person swears cured their cystic acne may do absolutely nothing for yours. Meanwhile some rare, unknown brand may be making your holy grail moisturizer.

Sifting through hundreds of skin care products is exhausting, expensive, and often fruitless. With that in mind, Apothecarie New York was born. We wanted to not only help our clients achieve glowing skin, but educate them and help them sift through the wide world of skincare.

Apothecarie proudly offers free skin care consultations both in-person (at our store) and over the phone from the comfort of your own home. So whether you want to swing by or talk to our licensed estheticians in your pajamas, we bring custom skin care to you!

Specialized Advice

When we opened up our doors back in 1998, we knew we weren’t going to be just another skin care and beauty supply making grand promises. Our mission is to provide proven, clinically tested products, engineered to target and treat specific skin care concerns. That way, you can put your best face forward.

Since no two faces are the same, we realized the key to providing these specialized targeted skin care solutions is customized consultations. And the best way to provide custom skin care consults to you, is free of charge. We know you don’t have to buy from us, but we hope that with the education we offer you’ll buy the right products for yourself.  

More than that, we wanted to make sure that our consultants had the education & experience to create the right tailored skin care regimens. It would have been easy to hire people who were merely interested in skin care and had no formal training or experience. After all, anyone can dabble in skin care--but it takes a licensed professional to really understand your skin and the ingredients that work best for each skin type.


“Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skin care.”


Working with our medical director, Apothecarie sought licensed experienced estheticians and skin care professionals to manage and operate both our store and our customer service. That way, whether you come in person or call us on the phone you know you’ll receive the same level of expert care and attention.

Apothecarie’s goal is to give honest, real world advice our clients can use to teach them how to treat their specific beauty concerns. We are careful to recommend the right product for you, rather than recommend just any product. Moreover, we take the time to explain what is in the product, why those ingredients are helpful, and the best practices for using that product. For instance, you should always gently tap on eye cream—never wipe or smear on that delicate under eye area!

In other words, we’re more interested in recommending products that will work for you. We believe that beauty is about trust, and we take our responsibility seriously when you put your faith in us.

For example, you would never use a retinol product in the morning, right? Wrong! Neostrata’s Matrix Support SPF 30 features NeoGlucosamine and retinol to increase cell turnover, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increase clarity. Importantly, Matrix Support SPF 30 also features UVA & UVB filters to shield the skin from the burning and aging effects of everyday sun exposure so the NeoGlucosamine and retinol can do their job all day long.

And that’s just one example of what our experts can help you find and use properly if you’re concerned about stubborn dark spots, annoying fine lines & wrinkles, inevitable loss of firmness & elasticity, or a frustrating lack of radiance.

During your in-person or phone consultation with one of our skin care experts, you’ll receive tailored recommendations based on the specific concerns and goals you have for your skin so you can achieve real and lasting results. After all, there’s no one size fits all in skin care!

Know What You Want

Before your skin care consultation you will fill out your Pre-Consultation Survey. Make sure you take the time to think about your skin goals.

If your toughest daily struggle is waging war against the oil slick that spreads across your face as you go about your day, make sure to mark your skin type as oily. Your specialist will help you target oily skin and recommend skin care products and makeup to address it.

If anti-aging is your number one concern, ask your consultant which ingredients are best suited to your skin type and will aid in bringing back your youthful glow while targeting fine lines & wrinkles and plumping your skin.

Since not all skin care ingredients are made the same and each may affect various skin types differently, a skin care consultation is a necessity before trying new products. Your skin care consultant will help you identify your skin type--even if it changes with the seasons as it does for many of us--going from glowing in summer to dry & flakey in winter.

We will help you to determine which products will best tackle what you’re most concerned about, so your skin gets what it really needs--not just what is newest and trendiest. We’ve tried everything, so you don’t have to waste time on what doesn’t work. We can help you jump straight to the finish line for a skin care routine that works for you!

Our expert skin care consultants will also educate you on what to realistically expect from different skin care regimens, which makeup products will complement this regimen, and how important water is to give you the best skin of your life!

After all, great skin doesn’t come from one day or one week or even just one product. It comes from being consistent. Just like getting in shape doesn’t come from a single visit to the gym, great skin requires consistent work and maintenance.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Getting a skin care consultation doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take what you’ve learnt and do more research about products on your own. Rather, think of your skin care consultant as your personal trainer or private tutor; as a good student, you still need to do your homework.

Asking questions throughout your skin care consultation will help you learn how to recognize which products will work for you and will help your consultant create the best custom regimen for you.

The point of a skin care consultation at Apothecarie isn’t to sell you products--especially ones that don’t work or that you don’t need. We want to educate you so you can take the best care of your skin. After all, you feel better when you put your best face forward. There’s nothing we love more than when our clients come back ecstatic that their new regimen works. And we especially love the photographic proof you send us demonstrating the results!


“Beautiful is knowing you are one of a kind.”

-Elizabeth Arden

Have an important gala coming up and need to dazzle? Tell your consultant. Getting married in a few months and need a plan to look your best on the big day—not to mention all the events leading up to it? Tell your consultant so they can help you come up with a long-term plan so you’ll look radiant. Devoted to one product you aren’t willing to give up? Make sure your consultant knows (especially if it’s a chemical exfoliant containing glycol or retinol) so you can avoid over treating your skin. Your consultant is here to work with you for your skin, so every piece of information is important.

Creating and sticking to a custom tailored skin care routine will help you achieve glowing skin in no time—but it requires getting the right information from the start. Using the same products for too long or mistreating your skin by overusing  harsh products may actually be doing more harm than good.

Apothecarie New York knows that our expert team of skin care professionals can help. Pop by the store or schedule online to get your custom skin care consultation today for free. Great skin is possible when you have the right skin care routine, so let Apothecarie New York help you achieve it!

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