How To Tame Frizzy Hair

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how to tame frizz

Winter is upon us and that means many of us can say goodbye to our seasonal oily skin. Unfortunately that also means that we get to say hello to things like dry skin and frizzy, dry hair (which, if we are being honest, is still better than the frizzy hair you get from humid temperatures). In the same way that oily hair is easily fixable with the right products, though, so is frizzy hair. In this blog post we outline the basics of how to tame frizzy hair and help it stay sleek and shiny through the colder months. 

What Causes Frizz In The First Place?

Keeping your hair sleek and shiny requires balance. As you have probably noticed, your hair becomes frizzy both in very cold, dry climates and extremely warm, humid ones too. Both issues, though, are essentially caused by the same thing. When there is too little moisture in your hair and it gets exposed to harsh climates it can result in frizz. If your hair is dry and you go outside in an ultra dry climate, it might make your hair create a lot of static that results in frizz. Plus, you tend to go in between cold and warm temperatures during these months as you transition from inside to outside.

In the summer your frizzy hair is also caused by a lack of moisture in your hair. When your hair has little moisture on its own, but gets exposed to moisture in the air, your hair will begin to absorb the water in the air and frizz up go get more exposure to the moisture in the air. That being said, if you find that your hair is frizzy more often than not it may be time to take a closer look at what is causing those problems. 

Taming Frizz

Because frizzy hair is caused by a lack of moisture in your hair, taming it involves simply nourishing your hair with products that are going to keep it from drying out. This means that anything from the shampoo you use to the way you dry your hair can determine whether or not it becomes frizzy, so think about how you can make changes to your hair care routine to make your hair sleek and get rid of frizz.

Start with your shampoo. We recommend looking for shampoo products that are low in sulfates if you suffer from dry hair. Sulfates are the ingredient in soaps that help the soap to become rich and foamy. They can be luxurious in bath products, but they end up making your skin and hair dry. We recommend shampooing with a product that has no sulfates but lists glycerin as an ingredient. Glycerin has nourishing properties and works to protect your hair by leaving a coating around it. 

One of our favorite shampoos that fit this criteria is the Television shampoo from R+Co. This nourishing product helps penetrate deep within the hair shaft to nourish and moisturize, plus it leaves a protective layer on the outside of your hair shaft to keep your hair from becoming dry later on. Use this product once or twice a week to maintain the natural oils in your hair to further prevent frizz.

Conditioners Are Your Best Friend

While you should avoid shampooing your hair too often, your hair could almost always use a conditioning treatment or a simple dose of conditioner to help boost its shine and texture. Try using a deep conditioning treatment like this one from Mizani at least once per week. The nourishing ingredients in this product will help condition both your hair and your scalp, preventing issues with dandruff on top of protecting your hair from dryness-related frizz.

Use a conditioner from mid-shaft down to the ends to give added moisture and nourishment to the parts of your hair that often never get exposed to your natural oils. In addition, brushing your hair regularly can help move the natural oils from your root area down to the middle and ends of your hair shafts. If you have naturally curly hair you may notice that your hair is prone to frizz far more than your straight-haired friends’ hair does.

We recommend using a conditioner that is made specifically for curly hair, that way each of your curls can be nourished properly. The Curl Complete conditioner from Pureology is a popular choice because it was made specifically for targeting dry and frizzy hair.

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