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Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Keratin Treatment in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Dreaming of gorgeous, glossy tresses that are effortlessly easy to manage? A keratin hair treatment delivers silky shine and frizz control for every hair type, by smoothing and strengthening your strands from the inside out. And, the best part of keratin treatment is that the results last for many months!

Frizz happens when the hair’s outer layer, the cuticle, lifts up and allows moisture to get in and swell the hair shaft. Keratin is a protective protein found in the hair. Keratin complex utilizes the keratin protein by having it bond to your natural hair proteins and filling in gaps as necessary. Keratin complex reseals the cuticles, so that each strand once again looks perfectly smooth. It also creates stronger, healthier hair all around.

A keratin treatment is also a fantastic way to enhance and maximize a fresh color treatment, because it both adds shine and seals in the new color to prevent fading.

What’s included?

Our intensively-restorative keratin complex smoothing treatment will take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair. The results will be well worth it! Here are the steps:

Scalp analysis: One of our expert stylists will review your current scalp and hair condition, to determine how much keratin complex is needed.

Shampoo: Using premium Oribe or R+Co products, we’ll clean your hair 2 or 3 times to remove any oil, dirt or product residue and create a completely clean canvas. This will enable. maximum uptake of the keratin complex into the hair shaft.

Keratin treatment: After partially drying your hair, we’ll coat it with the keratin complex, going section by section to ensure that every strand is fully saturated. Then, you’ll sit back and relax for half an hour while the keratin solution absorbs into your hair.

Blow dry: Keratin treatments are heat-activated, so once it’s had time to thoroughly soak in, we’ll blow dry it into your hair for it to work its magic!

Straighten: Finally, we’ll seal the treatment into your hair using a flat iron, working in small sections and giving each one multiple passes to create a perfectly-smooth finish for every single strand of hair on your head.

Why Apothecarie

The ultimate pampering experience

From our beautiful gold décor to the tranquil atmosphere, to the delicate aromas of our favorite luxury haircare products, we set out to create a space where you could fully relax and unwind – and we think we nailed it! Whether you’re craving a new look or you just want to treat yourself to a facial, our Ridgefield Park salon is the perfect place to while away an afternoon being preened and pampered by beauty pros.

Cutting-edge hair and skin care technology

From the revolutionary HydraFacial to the best keratin treatment in town, at Apothecarie you can expect to receive premium-level treatments from seasoned professionals. All of our stylists are highly qualified, skilled, and experienced, and we’ve carefully vetted the brands and products we carry to ensure that they truly deliver. We won’t ever put anything on your skin or hair that we wouldn’t want to use ourselves.

No waiting around, ever

If you’ve got an empty calendar and want to spend all afternoon being pampered, great! But we understand that usually, our clients have things to do and places to be. That’s why we take great care to stick to our appointment times, so we won’t keep you waiting around when you arrive or make you late for whatever plans you have later in the day. You can rely on us to respect your time.

Meet your Apothecarie stylists:

Stephanie Díaz, Lead Hair Stylist

The daughter of another professional hairstylist and a graduate from the renowned Paul Mitchell Parisian academy, Stephanie’s advice is always to the benefit of your hair’s integrity. Whether she’s applying a keratin treatment or a color treatment, she knows just what to do to maximize your hair’s health throughout the process.

Dina Krcishta, Hair Stylist

After studying at the Long Island Beauty School, Dina has kept up her beauty education throughout her career via an impressive stream of courses, classes and certifications. She’s an exceptionally-qualified hair stylist who takes great care to tailor her advice to each client’s individual needs, always recommending the best treatment option for your particular hair type/condition and desired look.

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Come get the best keratin treatment in town at our Ridgefield Park salon, which is located in the heart of North Jersey. Find us on the corner of Main Street and Park Street, just over the road from the bus stop (take route 83, 155 or 168) and in an area with ample on-street parking available.

With plenty of eateries just minutes away by foot, you can easily grab lunch after your visit. Want to do something even more memorable? In just 20-40 minutes by car, depending on traffic, you can be at Times Square or Central Park for a spot of sightseeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a keratin treatment cost?

The price for this treatment starts at $250, but may be higher (up to a maximum of $400) depending on factors such as the length or current condition of your hair, since these influence how much time and product is needed. Speak to one of our stylists for a free, no-obligation consultation during which we will determine the treatment price for your hair type.

What does keratin do to the hair?

Keratin is a protein that naturally makes up around 90% of our hair, and is also found in our skin and nails. Over time, hair strands can become damaged through factors such as heat styling, UV damage and color treatments, leading to gaps in the keratin structure that allow the cuticle – the outer layer of the hair shaft – to lift up.

A keratin treatment fills in these gaps with new keratin, fortifying the hair strand and restoring its smooth exterior. The result is straighter, glossier hair that flows through your fingers like silk. It’ll also be much more resistant to breakage.

Does keratin damage hair?

So long as you’re only using keratin with the frequency advised by your stylist, it does exactly the opposite – repairing damage. Think of getting a keratin treatment as ‘topping up’ your hair’s natural protection. It fixes existing breakage, plus makes it harder for future breakage to occur. Your hair will both look and feel healthier after a keratin treatment, because it is!

You’ll also be glad to know that the keratin complex we use for treatments at Apothecarie is formaldehyde-free, unlike some other keratin treatments on the market today.

Does keratin straighten hair?

A keratin treatment will absolutely tame frizz for sleeker-looking hair, but it’s not the same thing as a hair relaxer. A relaxer is a permanent, and pretty aggressive, straightening treatment, whereas keratin complex is a gentler smoothing treatment that typically lasts a few months.

However, the added protein makes your hair a little heavier, which can in some cases take away the vast majority of your curl pattern. If you particularly want to keep your curls or get rid of them, speak to one of our stylists who can advise if a keratin treatment is the right choice for you.

How long does a keratin treatment last?

At-home keratin treatments typically have short-lived results, with the effect fading away after a few weeks. A professional salon keratin treatment, however, lasts much longer. It can give you protection for anywhere from a couple of months to as much as half a year, depending on factors such as your hair type and how frequently you wash or style it. Our stylists will be happy to recommend a hair care routine that will maximize the duration of your sleek, new locks.

How should you care for your hair immediately after a keratin treatment?

There are two key rules to remember when caring for your hair after keratin treatment. Number one: absolutely no getting your hair wet for the first 72 hours. The keratin continues to be absorbed into the hair shaft for a little while after your treatment, and you don’t want to wash it away. So no swimming, no exercise that leads to excessive sweating, and if you take a bath or shower, be sure to wear a shower cap. 

Number two is no ponytails, hair clips, rollers, curling irons, or hats during the 72 hour time frame. This is because the keratin isn’t fixed into its straight shape just yet, so wearing your hair any way other than straight down can cause it to ‘set’ with bends or dents. Not good!

What is the best shampoo for keratin treated hair?

To make your keratin-treated locks retain their smooth new look for as long as possible, be sure to use a shampoo that’s free from sulfates and sodium chloride, such as the Keratin Care Smoothing Shampoo by Keratin Complex. Sodium chloride dissolves keratin while sulfates strip the hair (meaning they’ll pull all of that freshly-added keratin back out of the hair strand), putting you right back to where you started. Be sure to avoid the same ingredients in your conditioner, too.

What is the difference between a Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment? 

These both deliver similar results when it comes to taming frizz and adding shine, and both add protein to your hair. However, the protein in a Brazilian blowout is not keratin. The main difference between a Brazilian Blowout and keratin treatment is that a Brazilian blowout is less intensive. This means that you can get a Brazilian blowout while keeping your curls, and the immediate aftercare is much easier than with keratin treatment – you can go straight back to styling your hair as you usually would. On the other hand, it does mean the results aren’t as long lasting as what you get with keratin treatment. 

Do I need an appointment for my keratin treatment?

While we’ll gladly accept walk-ins wherever we can, our keratin complex smoothing treatment is an intensive process that can last as many as four hours, depending on the volume, length and texture of your hair, so we can’t promise we’ll be able to fit you in without an appointment. We therefore recommend booking a visit at a time that’s convenient for you.