Q: Are Tanning Beds Safe? A: No way! Stop Using Them Now!

Lisa Cohen Lee

are tanning beds safe hell no

Researchers at the university of Dundee in the UK recently conducted a study of 402 tanning beds within the country to answer the question "Are tanning beds safe?' and here are the results of their study:

Sunbeds are twice as likely to cause skin cancer than a holiday in the Mediterranean, scientists warn.

They say the risks posed to users - who mainly comprise young women - are far higher than previously thought.

They have calculated that a ten minute session on a sunbed is twice as likely to cause skin cancer than spending the same time in the midday sun in the Mediterranean.

The World Health Organisation has stated that sunbeds are as lethal as cigarettes and they are listed as one of the most dangerous, cancer-causing habits.

Research has previously found that a using a sunbed before the age of 35 increases the risk of malignant melanoma by nearly 90 per cent.

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