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Does Sleep Help Your Skin? Here Is the Truth

Julia Sachs

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As if you needed another excuse to take a nap today. Did you know that getting sufficient sleep is the key to getting great skin?

Handle Those Sunspots! 3 Great Ways to Stop Spots On Skin

Dorothy Tan

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Of course, we can’t say this enough—sunscreen is your weapon against UV rays. But there are some other ways to keep those rays from causing damage.

Q: Are Tanning Beds Safe? A: No way! Stop Using Them Now!

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Researchers at the university of Dundee in the UK recently conducted a study of 402 tanning beds within the country to answer the question "Are tanning beds safe?' and here are the results of their study: Sunbeds are twice as likely to cause skin cancer than a holiday in the Mediterranean, scientists warn. They say the risks posed to users - who mainly comprise young women - are far higher than previously thought. They have calculated that a ten minute session on a sunbed is twice as likely to cause skin cancer than spending the same time in the midday...

Sun Protection Forever? In. Your. Dreams. Why Your Sunscreen Won't Last

Lisa Cohen Lee

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You know that you’re supposed to be wearing sunscreen every day of the year, no matter what the weather. But sunscreen isn’t made to give you sun protection all of the time. Yes, it’s a must, but there are some things you can do to up your sun protection. We've got the skinny on keeping your skin sun-safe: Why Sunscreen Doesn't Last: The active ingredients that give you sun protection from UV rays, like Mexoryl or Titanium Dioxide, come off in the water. Even if you avoid taking a dip during the day, when you perspire, the combination of salt...

Interesting Laundry Room Skincare! Stiffen Your Collar and Learn How to Get Clear Smooth Skin With Starch

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Starch as a skin smoother? You bet. The ingredient you use to iron out wrinkles in clothes can also be effective in making your skin look firmer. Surprisingly, starch is the basis for many makeup and skincare formulas. But this starch isn't the same as the one you use with laundry. Here’s how to get clear smooth skin with starch and what to look for on the ingredient label: What it is: The starch you find in beauty products is usually a natural ingredient derived from rice, corn, potato or tapioca. Some are listed on the label in their natural...