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Chemical Vs. Natural Sunscreen: Which Is Best For You?

Wondering how to get clear skin? Turns out, it’s all about proper sun protection. The only problem is figuring out whether chemical or natural/mineral sunscreen is best for you.

Handle Those Sunspots! 3 Great Ways to Stop Spots On Skin

Dorothy Tan

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Of course, we can’t say this enough—sunscreen is your weapon against UV rays. But there are some other ways to keep those rays from causing damage.

Cast a Skin Firming Spell on Your Face With Witch Hazel! Why It's One Natural Alternative You Should Know About

Lisa Cohen Lee

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You want smoother-looking skin? Bring out an old remedy, witch hazel.  The astringent has been around for decades, and can actually aid in skin firming, giving your face a tighter, more youthful look. We take a closer look at witch hazel and what it can do to make you look younger in a flash: What it is: Witch hazel is an extract derived from the leaves and the bark of the hamamelis virginiana shrub. Native Americans used it for medicinal purposes, and today, it’s combined with alcohol and sold as an astringent for beauty purposes. What it does: Just like...

Top 10 Irritants That Could Be Preventing Clear Skin

Lisa Cohen Lee

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That ugly rash you can’t shake? It may be a common preservative or ingredient that’s found in your skincare, OTC first aid creams or even your jewelry. Irritants that make contact with your skin can cause a red, bumpy, itchy reaction, aka atopic dermatitis. When the Mayo Clinic conducted patch testing on participants, they identified the top 10 irritants that are bound to make even the hardiest skin types scratch. For clear skin, avoid these irritants whenever possible. And if you do come in contact, a cortisone cream will bring down the redness and irritation: 1. Nickel: This metal is...

Want to Know How to Look Younger? Working an Anti-aging Regimen into Your Routine, No Matter What Your Age

Lisa Cohen Lee

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You’re young, you've got a glow, and there’s nary a wrinkle in sight. So why do you need to start with anti-aging products? Studies show that how you treat your skin in your twenties and early thirties will have an impact on the way you age. Yes, you read that right: An anti-aging regimen is key for keeping future wrinkles from forming. Read on for how to look younger in the years that come: You Can Try a Retinol: Retinoids, derivatives of Vitamin A, are powerful youth boosters. They stimulate collagen and exfoliate, leaving you with plumper, firmer and smoother-...