Yes, Oil Is Good For Your Skin—Here Is A Guide To Picking The Right One

Julia Sachs

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If you have ever spent a summer in New York humidity you are likely all too familiar with the feeling of constantly wiping oil off of your forehead and chin area. Oily skin is a feat on its own, but the reality is that you should never completely strip the oil presence from your face. No, we are not saying that you have to learn to embrace the oil, but you should at least replace the oil with the right kind of ingredient that will help your skin look radiant rather than greasy. There are a lot of reasons why, and we have outlined those below—along with a couple of recommendations and a guide to choosing the right oil based on your skin type. 

Oils are Important During The Colder Months

When your skin starts to dry out during the winter months you may feel that you need to lay the moisturizer on thick—but there is an easier way to deal with seasonal dry skin. Think of an oil as the protective barrier of your skin and its hydration and moisture. When you apply an oil to your skin it helps keep the moisture from being able to dry out. Instead of wasting precious product by lathering on extra layers of moisturizer, add an oil to your skin care routine to help maintain moisture on a regular basis. 

But What If I have Dry Skin?

The truth is that when your skin begins to over produce oil, the reality is that your body likely feels that it is necessary to do so. Usually when you suffer from oily skin, you can combat the issue by taking extra steps to make sure that your skin is well hydrated and well moisturized (and yes, moisture and hydration are two different things). It may sound counter productive, but try adding an oil to your skin care routine if you feel that your skin produces too much oil throughout the day—you may just find that you begin seeing an improvement. 

How to pick the right oil

While yes, it is true that oils are actually good for your skin, it is important to find the right one for you. Many oils on the market will still clog your pores—often making your acne troubles worse than they already are—but not every oil is made the same, contrary to what it may seem. Common oils like olive oil and coconut oil will likely do more harm than good—so just steer clear of anything that can double for a cooking ingredient. Other oils, like marula oil and jojoba oil (which are common to skin care) are much better choices. 

Where Oils Should Sit In Your Routine

Many oils are filled with antioxidants, making them good protective layers to help your skin avoid absorbing dirt from pollution and other toxins from things like smoke and exhaust. But since oils work as a protective layer to keep products in, they can also keep them out if applied too early on in your skin care routine. If you apply an oil before any other product, you’ve essentially wasted all of the products you apply after the oil. Wait to apply your oil until the last step in your skin care routine. This will help maintain your hydration and moisture barriers, keeping all of those other great ingredients locked in. 

Picking an Oil: Products We Love

Teami Blends Repair Oil - We love this oil because it contains a blend of all natural plant oils and extracts. It contains jojoba and sea buckthorn oil in addition to chamomile extract that will soothe inflamed skin and repair damage.

Sunday Riley Juno Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil - We cannot lie, we have a love affair with all things Sunday Riley these days. This product is packed with nutrition and antioxidants that will help brighten and fortify your skin, and once the oil sinks into your skin it can help improve the signs of aging.

Erno Laszlo Detoxifying Face Oil - Not every oil is made the same, and oil cleansers are one of the most important staples to a good skin care routine. Erno Laszlo is famous for its emphasis on double cleansing—that is, using an oil cleanser to remove your makeup and a gentle cleanser to cleanse deep within your pores. We love this cleanser because it has the ability to remove your makeup and detox your skin with ingredients like charcoal and grapeseed oil.

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