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Chemical Vs. Natural Sunscreen: Which Is Best For You?

Wondering how to get clear skin? Turns out, it’s all about proper sun protection. The only problem is figuring out whether chemical or natural/mineral sunscreen is best for you.

Sun Protection Forever? In. Your. Dreams. Why Your Sunscreen Won't Last

Lisa Cohen Lee

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You know that you’re supposed to be wearing sunscreen every day of the year, no matter what the weather. But sunscreen isn’t made to give you sun protection all of the time. Yes, it’s a must, but there are some things you can do to up your sun protection. We've got the skinny on keeping your skin sun-safe: Why Sunscreen Doesn't Last: The active ingredients that give you sun protection from UV rays, like Mexoryl or Titanium Dioxide, come off in the water. Even if you avoid taking a dip during the day, when you perspire, the combination of salt...

How Old Is Your Sunscreen? 3 Signs You Might Not Be Getting The Sun Protection You Think You Are

Lisa Cohen Lee

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So you think you’re doing everything to practice safe sun protection, right? Sure, you’re applying your doctor recommended shot glass amount of it on your entire body, rubbing it on every two hours and staying under an umbrella whenever you can but, all that might not be doing you much good if your sunscreen formula is from last year. Sunscreen can go bad, and with an old formula, the UV filters won’t be as effective at protecting you. Not only will you burn more easily, but you’ll be more susceptible to premature aging and skin cancer moles. Luckily, we've got...