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Chemical Vs. Natural Sunscreen: Which Is Best For You?

Wondering how to get clear skin? Turns out, it’s all about proper sun protection. The only problem is figuring out whether chemical or natural/mineral sunscreen is best for you.

Want to Know How to Look Younger? Working an Anti-aging Regimen into Your Routine, No Matter What Your Age

Lisa Cohen Lee

Tags A Flawless Face, complexion, daily regimen, skincare

You’re young, you've got a glow, and there’s nary a wrinkle in sight. So why do you need to start with anti-aging products? Studies show that how you treat your skin in your twenties and early thirties will have an impact on the way you age. Yes, you read that right: An anti-aging regimen is key for keeping future wrinkles from forming. Read on for how to look younger in the years that come: You Can Try a Retinol: Retinoids, derivatives of Vitamin A, are powerful youth boosters. They stimulate collagen and exfoliate, leaving you with plumper, firmer and smoother-...

Skin Tone 101: How to Get an Even Skin Tone

Lisa Cohen Lee

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We’re all born with an even skin tone,  but thanks to UV rays, acne, even pollution, that pretty, gorgeous-looking skin slowly gives way to hyperpigmentation and brown spots. But not every discoloration is created equal: Your skin color plays a big part in determining damage and how it will show up on your complexion. Want to know what’s happening with your skin? Take a look in the mirror, and read on:   If You’re Fair: Because you burn easily, your skin is likely to accrue a lot of damage. Plus, that pale tone puts a spotlight on discoloration, like broken...