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Does Sleep Help Your Skin? Here Is the Truth

Julia Sachs

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As if you needed another excuse to take a nap today. Did you know that getting sufficient sleep is the key to getting great skin?

Noticing Aging Skin? Try This Routine Now

Julia Sachs

Tags Aged Skin, Skin Care, Wrinkles

As you age some things are supposed to get better, and depending on how well you’ve taken care of your skin throughout your life that will be one of them.

Skin Care Hacks We Wish We Knew In College

Julia Sachs

Tags Skin Care

hankfully we have learned a thing or two since then, and we want to share our skin care hacks with you so that you can avoid the horrors of using old mascara, spending way too much money on products that never work quite right, and simple hygiene habits that make a huge difference. 

Chemical Vs. Natural Sunscreen: Which Is Best For You?

Wondering how to get clear skin? Turns out, it’s all about proper sun protection. The only problem is figuring out whether chemical or natural/mineral sunscreen is best for you.

Party Girl? 3 Essential Tips On How To Look Younger With Your Wild Lifestyle

Lisa Cohen Lee

Tags Beauty, Gorgeous Skin, Health, Skin Care

Sure, you’re a party girl, but while you've been dancing on the tables having the time of your life, those late nights, smoky scenes and fruity cocktails are taking a huge toll on your skin. The signs of party skin? A sallow complexion, fine lines, dullness, wrinkles and even acne. But before you declare the party is over, learn how to look younger and fresher with these post-party, skin-saving solutions: Fake a good night’s rest Remember that after-hours thing you had to go to? Well, now you’re paying the price. Sleep is essential to keeping your skin looking less stressed...