Skin Tone 101: How to Get an Even Skin Tone

Lisa Cohen Lee

skin tone 101 even skin tone

We’re all born with an even skin tone,  but thanks to UV rays, acne, even pollution, that pretty, gorgeous-looking skin slowly gives way to hyperpigmentation and brown spots. But not every discoloration is created equal: Your skin color plays a big part in determining damage and how it will show up on your complexion. Want to know what’s happening with your skin? Take a look in the mirror, and read on:  

If You’re Fair:

Because you burn easily, your skin is likely to accrue a lot of damage. Plus, that pale tone puts a spotlight on discoloration, like broken capillaries, acne scars, bruising and redness. If you tend to look crimson, a calming cream with extracts of chamomile or licorice will help quell the red look and give you a more even skin tone.  

If You’re Light to Medium:

This is the most common tone among us, and you’re likely to have beige or yellow undertones to your skin. Your biggest concern? Hyperpigmentation in a light brownish hue. To make the marks fade fast, apply an all-over brightening complex with kojic acid daily.  

If You’re Medium to Dark:

Sun damage is still a major concern, particularly if you are not-so diligent about sunscreen because you don’t feel you need it. But don’t skip out: All that damage means major hyperpigmentation of dark spots. You also may have some left over acne scarring. To treat the dark marks, dab them with a kojic acid or niacinamide spot treatment. Using it regularly will fade them, and create a more even skin tone all around.

If You’re Very Dark:

You may have the most melanin in your skin, but that doesn't mean that dark brown spots will pop up on your skin. The best defense? Use a moisturizer with broad-spectrum UV sunscreen and antioxidants to prevent those darker patches from forming.  

What kind of skin tone problems do you have with your complexion? Tell us about them in the comment section.

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