Thinking About Eyelash Extensions? Try A Lash Serum First

Julia Sachs

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With all of the hype surrounding eyelash extensions that’s been going on lately it’s probably tempting to make an appointment on a whim. The procedure boasts impressive results—with long, lush lashes comparable to falsies that require little upkeep aside from a refill session every couple of weeks. However, it can get expensive, and anyone that’s ever had a manicure habit in their life understands that these things are a luxury—not a necessity. So what do you do when you’re pressed for some changes in your lashes but don’t want to shell out handfuls of cash every other week? You try a lash enhancing serum.

Rather than getting harmful extensions put in (which can ultimately damage your lashes in the long run, FYI), investing in a good lash enhancing serum can not only boost growth, but volume in your natural lashes. With so many on the market, though, it’s hard to figure out which one is going to deliver the results that you want and need from a lash serum and a lash conditioner. Since there is a difference between the two, it’s important to understand what each one will do and how to determine which is which.

Lash Serums vs. Conditioners

Not all lash products are meant to give the same results. Lash serums often offer different benefits than lash conditioners, so knowing what you’re looking for is the key to finding a product that will help you love your natural lashes. While one is meant to enhance growth and create a visual difference in the way your natural lashes look, the other is simply meant to make your existing lashes look and feel more healthy by hydrating each individual hair.

While eyelash conditioners may not be able to guarantee new hair growth, they’ll improve the overall appearance of your lashes by nourishing the ones that exist already. Anyone prone to dry hair or breakage might find that an eyelash conditioner is all they need. However, if you’re looking for some serious change, look no further than a lash serum.

If there’s one thing most beauty lovers can agree on, it’s that lashes can make or break a look. While false lashes and extensions may give you a certain look, nothing quite compares to the feeling of having natural lashes that are both long and voluminous. Obviously not everyone was blessed with such luck, but all hope isn’t lost—in fact, it’s sitting in a bottle of lash serum.

Serums like this one from Grande promise to promote lash growth by supercharging your lashes with all sorts of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids. Most users notice a difference in their natural lashes within weeks, making it one of our favorite lash serums on the market.

Brows, Too

Not only do lash enhancers and eyelash serums provide essential nourishment for long, voluminous lashes, but they can do wonders on the eyebrows as well. Lathering on a bit of serum or conditioner can easily help nourish your brows, making them appear fuller in places where they may have been thinning out.

Serums that promise to enhance growth work by helping hair follicles that were previously not growing hair to be able to grow hair. Many users have noticed that their lashes and brows are not only fuller and longer after using lash serums for a couple of weeks, but that they’re growing hair in new places. Of course, this can also be a double-edged sword if you start noticing hair growth where you don’t want it—so it’s important to make sure you’re only putting it where you want to see growth.

How To Choose & Use Eyelash Serums & Conditioners

Choosing an eyelash conditioner or serum ultimately depends on what you want to see out of the product. If you’re looking for healthier lashes and brows, but don’t necessarily want to go all-in on something that’s going to make you grow hair in odd places, look for conditioners that promise to nourish lashes and brows but not necessarily help them grow. Our Perricone MD No Makeup mascara is proven to help nourish and strengthen existing lashes. It’s also easier on the skin than other lash serums and conditioners on the market, making it a great intro to these products for first-time users.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a product that’s going to guarantee growth in a relatively short period of time, look no further than Revitalash and Grande. Both products are guaranteed to show results in just a few weeks, and contain a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients that promote natural looking growth. Be aware, though, that growth serums can cause some redness and hyperpigmentation around the eyes. If you find that it bothers you too much, stop using the product for a bit to let it clear up. However, the products are safe to use around the eyes.

To use both eyelash serums and lash conditioners, first make sure your face is clean and clear from any makeup or skin care products. Most people prefer to use them at night, that way they don’t have to worry about how the products will react when used with makeup and other skin care products. Swipe a bit of the product onto your lashes and brows before bed and leave it on through the night. Like any treatment product, it’s important to be consistent in how you use it. Once you begin the treatment, be sure to use it every day until it’s finished for best results.

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