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Thinking About Eyelash Extensions? Try A Lash Serum First

Julia Sachs

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Not all lash products are meant to give the same results. Lash serums often offer different benefits than lash conditioners, so knowing what you’re looking for is the key to finding a product that will help you love your natural lashes.

4 Weird, Natural Solutions That Get Rid of Acne Fast

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Over the counter remedies don’t work on your pimples? Maybe it’s time to look to more natural solutions, including spit. That’s right, the best acne solution could be from your own body. Read on how to get rid of acne with purely natural remedies. Spit on it: Research has shown that saliva contains histatins, a chemical that aids with healing. In the study, conducted by the University of Amsterdam, saliva was put on wounds in vitro and sped up healing. Since acne is a bacteria, it may be possible that histatins could attack and heal the pimples at their source....

Start Doing Things The Easy Way: 4 Beauty Hacks to Keep You Fresh and Fab!

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Sure you've got your grooming routine down pat: You work your makeup, hair and voila!—you’re good to go.  But the day can be long and those ahem, unmentionable beauty bloopers like sweat stains and ugly bruises, can blow your beautiful look up in a matter of seconds. Luckily, we've got a few beauty hacks that will keep up your gorgeous appearance: A Drier Idea: Excessive sweating is never pretty. If you’re noticing stains despite a daily dose of deodorant, then it’s time to up the ante. Apply antiperspirant at night, right before you put on your pjs. The active ingredients...

3 Tips to Avoid "Diet Skin" and Keep Your Healthy, Glowing Complexion

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Sure, you've been coasting on your diet, losing a couple of lbs. a week . But what you don’t know is that new slender figure may be costing you your youthful, bright complexion. With less fat that keeps your face looking glowy and full, your skin is dehydrated, lacks color, and looks dull (from a sluggish cell turnover). How do you reverse that dreaded diet skin? Nutrients! Feeding your face the proper nutrition—as in diet-friendly fruits and veggies—as well as applying a mineral-pumped skin cream, can bring it back to the lustrous look you had pre-weight loss. So read on,...

Clear Skin Starts Here! 3 Great Acne Remedies You Can Use Today

Lisa Cohen Lee

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We’ve surely all been there: You go to bed with clear skin, only to wake to find a smattering of pimples in your t-zone. Well, before you declare a bad skin day, take a good hard look at your beauty routine. Those products you’re using to clean off and moisturize your skin? They may be the very reason you’re seeing a zit eruption. You probably need to include acne remedies that prevent blemishes and dry up existing ones. Check out our guide to making your pimples disappear—today and always:   Revamp Your Cleanser Since some acne is caused by a...