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4 Weird, Natural Solutions That Get Rid of Acne Fast

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Over the counter remedies don’t work on your pimples? Maybe it’s time to look to more natural solutions, including spit. That’s right, the best acne solution could be from your own body. Read on how to get rid of acne with purely natural remedies. Spit on it: Research has shown that saliva contains histatins, a chemical that aids with healing. In the study, conducted by the University of Amsterdam, saliva was put on wounds in vitro and sped up healing. Since acne is a bacteria, it may be possible that histatins could attack and heal the pimples at their source....

Buff Away a Foot Callus and Keep Toes Trim With a DIY Pedi

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Pounding the pavement is definitely not pretty. Your feet take all the grime, get tired and feel the tension from constantly hitting the ground over and over. After a long day, they’ll appear hardened, perhaps with a foot callus or two, and definitely show cracks and a rough texture (especially in sandals). Give them a rest with our tips for a relaxing, at-home pedi that will smooth away jagged edges and make your tootsies soft, supple and ready to hit the road again.     Soak it up: Your first step is to let your feet soak in a bowl...

Your Nails Talk About You! How To Strengthen Nails and Yourself!

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Sure, your nails are the place where you show off a pretty coat of glossy polish but, if those naked nails are looking weak, brittle and dull, then they may be telling you more than you realize. Yes, peeling nails are a definite byproduct of being a polish junkie and the aging process, but if weak nails persist,  they can be a sign of  more serious health conditions. Here’s how to strengthen nails that look weak and weary to bring health back to your hands:     If your nails are peeling: It could mean that you need to cut...

How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris: 4 Effective Things You Can Do Right Now

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Those annoying chicken-skin bumps on your arms? They may be keratosis pilaris, a genetic skin condition that pops up when dry skin particles accumulate in the hair follicle, and is mostly found on the legs, upper thighs and arms. If you’ve got it, it’s not harmful, just exceptionally ugly, and has probably made you want to cover up even in record high temps. Though you can’t cure it entirely, you can have smoother skin so it’s way less noticeable. Read on for our plan on how to treat keratosis pilaris before summer slips away: 1. Exfoliate away- Sure, it’s obvious, but...