How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris: 4 Effective Things You Can Do Right Now

Lisa Cohen Lee

how to treat keratosis pilaris

Those annoying chicken-skin bumps on your arms? They may be keratosis pilaris, a genetic skin condition that pops up when dry skin particles accumulate in the hair follicle, and is mostly found on the legs, upper thighs and arms. If you’ve got it, it’s not harmful, just exceptionally ugly, and has probably made you want to cover up even in record high temps. Though you can’t cure it entirely, you can have smoother skin so it’s way less noticeable. Read on for our plan on how to treat keratosis pilaris before summer slips away:

1. Exfoliate away- Sure, it’s obvious, but a daily scrub in the shower over the bumps can make them look a whole lot smoother and take away dead, dry skin. Be gentle; a rough scrub will irritate. Opt for a mild micro-bead or sugar-based formula.

2. Moisturize more- The best way to treat kertosis pilaris? Apply a super-hydrating moisture cream or lotion to the bumps twice a day which will soften them. Do it post-shower, when you’re still feeling damp. The coating will lock in the extra water and make your skin look super soft and smooth.

3. Oil up- Skincare oils are hot, hot, hot right now, and that’s good news for you. It’s a mega moisturizing option if you’re not getting any results with a cream. Try a tube of a natural oil like sea buckthorn, vitamin E, coconut or argan in a pure or blended formula.

4. Hit the Beach- That’s right, exposing your bumps to the sun may keep them to a minimum. Docs say that keratosis pilaris shows up less in the summer than in the winter (the lack of humidity might be the reason). So go ahead, bare those arms and legs!  


Did you used to have keratosis pilaris? How did you finally manage to get it under control? Let us know in the comment section!

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