4 Weird, Natural Solutions That Get Rid of Acne Fast

Lisa Cohen Lee

natural solutions that get rid of acne fast

Over the counter remedies don’t work on your pimples? Maybe it’s time to look to more natural solutions, including spit. That’s right, the best acne solution could be from your own body. Read on how to get rid of acne with purely natural remedies.

Spit on it: Research has shown that saliva contains histatins, a chemical that aids with healing. In the study, conducted by the University of Amsterdam, saliva was put on wounds in vitro and sped up healing. Since acne is a bacteria, it may be possible that histatins could attack and heal the pimples at their source. So go ahead, use your spit. It can’t hurt!

Slice a potato: Raw potato is an anti-inflammatory, and putting  it on a pulsing red pimple, can help to bring it down. Slice it in half, hold it on the zit for a few minutes, and then wash your face as you would normally.

Try a hot towel: You know it’s wrong to pick, but when you've got a whitehead, it’s hard to resist. To draw out the oil naturally, soak a wash cloth in steaming hot water, and lightly press on the pimple. The heat and steam will open up the pimple, releasing the oil.

Squeeze a lemon: If you’re looking how to treat acne and the remove dead skin cells, a lemon with citric acid naturally exfoliates and clears up bacteria. Cut a wedge, and gently rub it on your face. You may feel a mild stinging on the acne at first. Let it sit for a minute or two, and then rinse off. Make sure to use a sunscreen after, since the citric acid can make your skin sun sensitive.

We're sure there are more weird natural remedies out there to get rid of acne. Have you heard of any more? Share them in the comments!

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