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9 Simple Tips to Stay Gold Even When It's Cold, Our Plan to Help You Keep a Tan As Long As Possible

Lisa Cohen Lee

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The roar of summer has already left us but, we still have some time left to hit the beach and get that last great tan of the season. So how do we keep that great sun-kissed looked for as long as possible? The Dailymail has found 9 ways that you could extend the life of the bronze on your bod and keep a tan for as long as possible: 1. Before you hit the beach, make sure to exfoliate like crazy 2. Pop some beta-carotene and lycopene 3. Drink water 4. Moisturize twice a day 5. Avoid waxing 6. Eat...

Increase Your Sunscreens Sun Protection, Get Naked

Lisa Cohen Lee

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We all know the drill: Wear sunscreen 365 days a year, no matter what the weather. But even if you’re practicing safe sun precautions and doing them diligently, the way you’re applying sunscreen might be affecting your sun protection.  You can still be at risk for premature aging and skin cancers simply because you didn't put on enough or reapply when you should. And it’s particularly important on days where UV rays are blazing and you’re spending more time outdoors than in. Follow these rules to make the most of your SPF: Apply an Ample Amount Chances are, you’re not...

Start Doing Things The Easy Way: 4 Beauty Hacks to Keep You Fresh and Fab!

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Sure you've got your grooming routine down pat: You work your makeup, hair and voila!—you’re good to go.  But the day can be long and those ahem, unmentionable beauty bloopers like sweat stains and ugly bruises, can blow your beautiful look up in a matter of seconds. Luckily, we've got a few beauty hacks that will keep up your gorgeous appearance: A Drier Idea: Excessive sweating is never pretty. If you’re noticing stains despite a daily dose of deodorant, then it’s time to up the ante. Apply antiperspirant at night, right before you put on your pjs. The active ingredients...

Bikini Line Basics: Quick Tips and Ingrown Hair Treatments to Keep Your Beach Bod Blemish Free

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Waxing, shaving—oh, the annoying and often painful things we go through to keep our bikini line smooth and sexy. But good news for when you've got to wince and bear it in the name of hair-free: Thanks to a few handy pre-removal tips, you can get through it without a flinch or even a bump. Read on for making your shaving or waxing experience a happy, smooth one (and an ingrown hair treatment too!):   If You Shave: First of all, review your tools. You’ll want a razor that’s sharp, clean (replace the blades every couple of weeks) with at least...

Tanned and Sexy. How You SHOULD Be Applying Your Self Tanner

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Ok, so you've had a run in with self tanner before— and it left you streaky, orange-ish and oh-so-not sexy looking.  But that stops today. Yes, you can be beautifully radiant, super sexy and just plain awesome with a faux glow. The secret is having a plan, like the one below, and mapping it out ahead of time. So what are you waiting for? Ready, set, glow!: PRE-GLOW ●Figure out how you’d like to apply the self tanner. Formulas are varied, from foam, spray or lotion, and some are tinted that give you insta-color, while others are gradual slower variations...