Tanned and Sexy. How You SHOULD Be Applying Your Self Tanner

Lisa Cohen Lee

how you should be applying your self tanner

Ok, so you've had a run in with self tanner before— and it left you streaky, orange-ish and oh-so-not sexy looking.  But that stops today. Yes, you can be beautifully radiant, super sexy and just plain awesome with a faux glow. The secret is having a plan, like the one below, and mapping it out ahead of time. So what are you waiting for? Ready, set, glow!:


●Figure out how you’d like to apply the self tanner. Formulas are varied, from foam, spray or lotion, and some are tinted that give you insta-color, while others are gradual slower variations that work like a tan; you build a base and layer on more from there.

● Scrub up in the shower to remove dead skin cells (the formula sticks to the cells and makes you look streaky with dark patches), paying close attention to rough spots like elbows  and knees.  



●To keep your palms from looking weirdly tan, pull on a pair of latex gloves or use a tanning sponge to apply the lotion or foam. If you’re using spray, look for a continuous mist so that you don’t have to touch anywhere with your hands. Wash your palms immediately after, then apply a drop of self tanner on the top of each hand and rub in lightly.

●Use broad strokes. These should be uniform and quick, and covering everywhere you’d get sun. For a spray, mist all along your body. Enlist a boyfriend or buddy to cover your back. On elbows and knees, use a lighter touch, since these parts turn darker than the rest of your body.  



●Got streaks? Go over them in the shower with a light exfoliating scrub which will help tone them down.

●For extra glow, massage in a dry body oil for the next day or two,  which will give you a sexy, radiant shine. Reapply self-tanner every third day to prevent fading.  


Do you have a different way of applying self tanner? Let us know in the comment section!

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