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Bikini Line Basics: Quick Tips and Ingrown Hair Treatments to Keep Your Beach Bod Blemish Free

Lisa Cohen Lee

Tags A Sexy Body, bikini line, ingrown hair, Tips

Waxing, shaving—oh, the annoying and often painful things we go through to keep our bikini line smooth and sexy. But good news for when you've got to wince and bear it in the name of hair-free: Thanks to a few handy pre-removal tips, you can get through it without a flinch or even a bump. Read on for making your shaving or waxing experience a happy, smooth one (and an ingrown hair treatment too!):   If You Shave: First of all, review your tools. You’ll want a razor that’s sharp, clean (replace the blades every couple of weeks) with at least...

Don't Let Sexy Legs Get Ruined By Ingrowns. Our Sure-Fire Ingrown Hair Treatment System

Lisa Cohen Lee

Tags ingrown hair, legs, Skin Concerns, Tips

  Yup, it’s bikini season alright, and instead of showing off your spin class sexy legs, you’re looking in the mirror and thinking “help, my legs are covered in ingrown hairs!” before covering them up with a tunic and flowy pants. Ok, so we know you may be a tad bit embarrassed about those ingrown hairs, but that doesn't mean you've got to spend the whole summer under wraps. We've got a leg ingrown hair treatment and prevention plan that will make you whip off that cover-up faster than you can say “summer’s over”. Read on, and get that bikini packed,...