Don't Let Sexy Legs Get Ruined By Ingrowns. Our Sure-Fire Ingrown Hair Treatment System

Lisa Cohen Lee

 great ingrown hair treatment plan

Yup, it’s bikini season alright, and instead of showing off your spin class sexy legs, you’re looking in the mirror and thinking “help, my legs are covered in ingrown hairs!” before covering them up with a tunic and flowy pants. Ok, so we know you may be a tad bit embarrassed about those ingrown hairs, but that doesn't mean you've got to spend the whole summer under wraps. We've got a leg ingrown hair treatment and prevention plan that will make you whip off that cover-up faster than you can say “summer’s over”.

Read on, and get that bikini packed, because we know your ingrown hairs are pretty much last summer’s news.

How do I stop ingrown hairs on my legs? In three simple steps:

SCRUB-A-DUB: Ingrowns on legs happen when dead skin clogs up the follicle and block the hair from growing out (it bends and grows sideways). To clear away dead cells, exfoliate with a body scrub every time you shower. Opt for one with mineral-rich sea salt as the main ingredient, which helps to detox and gently smooth rough skin.

SPOT ON: Most likely, ingrowth on legs will go away naturally. But if you've got one or a few particularly bothering you, it may be an infection. Time to talk to your doc: His ingrown hair treatment may involve prescribing an antibiotic cream and Retin-A, which will slough away dead skin cells faster, plus fade any dark marks from the infected follicle.

TREAT GENTLY: To prevent ingrowns on thighs, calves, shins, underarms and around the bikini line, it’s crucial to treat your skin right after you wax or shave. Apply a salicylic acid or AHA serum or pad to the shaved or waxed areas, and follow up with an antioxidant moisturizing cream that calms and soothes irritated skin.

So now that you've heard about our great ingrown hair treatment plan get out there and show off those gams to the world!

Do you have any other great ways to stop ingrown hairs that we missed? Any embarrassing stories about having legs covered in ingrown hairs at the most inopportune time? Let us hear them in the comment section!

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