Bikini Line Basics: Quick Tips and Ingrown Hair Treatments to Keep Your Beach Bod Blemish Free

Lisa Cohen Lee

bikini line basics quick tips and ingrown hair treatments

Waxing, shaving—oh, the annoying and often painful things we go through to keep our bikini line smooth and sexy. But good news for when you've got to wince and bear it in the name of hair-free: Thanks to a few handy pre-removal tips, you can get through it without a flinch or even a bump. Read on for making your shaving or waxing experience a happy, smooth one (and an ingrown hair treatment too!):  

If You Shave: First of all, review your tools. You’ll want a razor that’s sharp, clean (replace the blades every couple of weeks) with at least three blades, since more blades can get to all the hairs quickly and evenly. And forget using just soap and water: A moisturizing shave gel or cream will keep skin feeling smooth, provide a buffer against nicks and bumps and guide you to where you need to shave. Once you’re in the shower, whisk out your razor at the end (the steam helps to soften your hair and skin) and using short strokes, go in the direction of your hair growth to avoid irritation. Post shower, apply a witch-hazel toner to soothe and prevent razor rash.

If You Wax: Before you even think of doing it, make sure the hairs are at least one quarter inch long. Ready to go? Sprinkle a bit of cornstarch on the area, and pat it on lightly; the powder absorbs excess moisture and will lessen the discomfort (a bit). When you pull the strip off, don’t do it up and away. Keep it as close as possible and level to your skin, pulling it off as quickly as you can.

Best Ingrown Hair Treatment: Got a red bump? It’s probably an ingrown hair, where the follicle gets trapped underneath the skin. Soak a cotton pad with a glycolic or salicylic acid cleanser, and massage it on the bump to gently slough off the top layer and allow the follicle to pass through.  

Have any personal tips for shaving or waxing? Maybe some DIY ingrown hair treatments? Let us know in the comment section!

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