FACE FACTS: Daily Skin Care Regimen For All Skin Types

Lisa Cohen Lee


Face facts: skin care excellence begins with the basicscleansing and moisturizing. It’s those daily rituals that prep it for anti-aging ingredients, makeup and problem-solving formulas. But of course, not all skin care regimens are created equal.  The quickest route to achieving super smooth, clear skin is to use the right products that apply to your skin type. Here’s a handy primer on what to use for your complexion:

If you have dry skin:  Look for a cream-based cleanser that’s soap-free and mild. Skip washing your face in the morning, since doing it twice a day will strip your skin of its natural oils. A moisturizer is an essential morning and night though. Here’s your must-know face fact: hyaluronic face cream or serum is super hydrating as it helps to retain water within the skin, although glycerin or ceramides work great too!

If you have oily skin: Acne flare-ups can happen at any time, so keep them under control with a gel cleanser that has salicylic or alpha-hydroxy acid on its label. Even oily skin needs moisturizer to keep it balanced. Look for an oil-free, humectant lotion that’s non-comedogenic, and lightly apply.

If you have combination skin: Your face is confused, but your skin care regimen doesn’t have to be. A foaming, oil-free cleanser will stop oily spots from looking slick, but won’t be drying.  For a moisturizer, stick to using an oil-free lotion all over, keeping a creamier formula handy to dab on drier areas.

If you have sensitive skin: Oh, it can really hurt if you’re applying the wrong formulas. A gentle, water-based cleanser will prevent irritating flare-ups. Use a hydrating, calming cream with soy, aloe or chamomile ingredients that quell redness and lock moisture in.

If you have normal skin: Thankfully, your skin needs little to maintain its fresh look. Wash up with a soap-free formula or take off grime with a wipe. You don’t need extra moisture, so look for a lightweight lotion with ceramides and antioxidants that makes your skin feel soft, not greasy.

So now that you know, take care of yourself and help your skin to look the best it can be. Be sure to follow Apothecarie on Instagram for expert daily skin facts and advice, as well as to be the first to hear about promotions!

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