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SPF Sunscreen Smarts: The 5 Rules for Every Skin Type

Dorothy Tan

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If there’s one must-have that’s universal for any skin type, it’s SPF sunscreen. Sure, you probably know  already that you should  be applying it to exposed skin parts daily—even when the forecast calls for rain—but you may not be maximizing your protection. Once UV rays sneak in, you’ll be at risk for skin cancer and premature aging, by the way of wrinkles, lines and brown spots (yes, this isn’t just for your face, it goes for your body too). Read on for tips on making the most of your SPF sunscreen application: 1. Carve out enough time to apply sunscreen:...

Quick Facts About Pore Strips That Could Save Your Complexion and Give You Clear Pores

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Ok, so your pores are clogged and looking like they need a quick clearing. You reach for a papery pore strip, paste one on the bridge of your nose, and wow—you can’t believe that all that dark dirt was lodged in there. But applying those pore strips all the time, as fascinating as they may be, can backfire and bring on breakouts. We give you the lowdown on getting clear pores with a strip: How it works: The paper thin bandage-y looking strip adheres tightly to your skin. When you peel it off, you’re taking all the blackheads, dirt, oil,...

Smiling = A Facelift Without Surgery

Lisa Cohen Lee

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A recent study has shown that people who spend more time smiling develop fewer facial wrinkles than those who are stressed and are constantly frowning. This great news goes hand in hand with the fact that more people than ever are taking better care of their appearance. To capitalize on this some fitness gurus have even started offering smile classes to train people’s facial muscles. They’re essentially trying to offer a facelift without surgery. One person who is leading the charge in the facial fitness craze is a German fitness instructor named Heike Hoefler. Shes developed her own personal brand of “facial...

What is My Skin Type?: Unlocking the Secret to Healthy Skin

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Want gorgeous, glowing skin? Start with your skin type. If you’re using products not meant for your complexion, it can lead to some serious skin issues like flaking, pimples and irritation. Yet, even if you are double-sure you know what your skin type is, it’s not a bad idea to recheck.  Those formulas that worked for you a decade ago might not be the best option for your complexion today (since hormones and the aging process can change your skin’s chemical makeup). So if you’re asking, “what’s my skin type?” here’s a little test you can do: Strip down your...

FACE FACTS: Daily Skin Care Regimen For All Skin Types

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Face facts: skin care excellence begins with the basics—cleansing and moisturizing. It’s those daily rituals that prep it for anti-aging ingredients, makeup and problem-solving formulas. But of course, not all skin care regimens are created equal.  The quickest route to achieving super smooth, clear skin is to use the right products that apply to your skin type. Here’s a handy primer on what to use for your complexion: If you have dry skin:  Look for a cream-based cleanser that’s soap-free and mild. Skip washing your face in the morning, since doing it twice a day will strip your skin of its natural oils. A moisturizer is...