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SPF Sunscreen Smarts: The 5 Rules for Every Skin Type

Dorothy Tan

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If there’s one must-have that’s universal for any skin type, it’s SPF sunscreen. Sure, you probably know  already that you should  be applying it to exposed skin parts daily—even when the forecast calls for rain—but you may not be maximizing your protection. Once UV rays sneak in, you’ll be at risk for skin cancer and premature aging, by the way of wrinkles, lines and brown spots (yes, this isn’t just for your face, it goes for your body too). Read on for tips on making the most of your SPF sunscreen application: 1. Carve out enough time to apply sunscreen:...

Workouts Can Cause Bacne? 4 Ways to Keep Your Back Blemish Free After the Gym

Lisa Cohen Lee

Tags acne, bacne, Protection, Skin Concerns, skincare, Tips

  Workouts bring many rewards—a fitter bikini body, healthier lifestyle and stronger muscles—but is there a bummer from all that sweat? Yes, it could be causing a bad case of back acne, aka bacne. This dreaded breakout—yes, it does happen on your body too—could be a direct result of the tight fitting workout clothes and extra perspiration. With nowhere to go the oils get trapped in your pores, pimples pop up and you're left with unsightly acne on your back. Sure it’s embarrassing and annoying, but totally preventable with these four simple steps on how to get rid of back...