Workouts Can Cause Bacne? 4 Ways to Keep Your Back Blemish Free After the Gym

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Workouts bring many rewards—a fitter bikini body, healthier lifestyle and stronger muscles—but is there a bummer from all that sweat? Yes, it could be causing a bad case of back acne, aka bacne. This dreaded breakout—yes, it does happen on your body too—could be a direct result of the tight fitting workout clothes and extra perspiration. With nowhere to go the oils get trapped in your pores, pimples pop up and you're left with unsightly acne on your back.

Sure it’s embarrassing and annoying, but totally preventable with these four simple steps on how to get rid of back acne we'll keep your back looking healthy and sexy:

1. Scrub Off: Of course you’re showering right after a serious sweat session, right? But instead of just the usual soap and rinse routine, try a wash or a scrub with salicylic acid to sop up extra oil. You may also want use a back scrub brush, to ensure you’re hitting the right spots.

2. Spot On: Dotting a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid treatment on blemishes will get rid of back acne after a few days. Apply it to thoroughly dry skin (wet won’t stick) and wait a few minutes for the formula to set in before getting dressed.

3. Make it a Mask: Prevent those pimples from coming back by coating your back with a twice-a-week glycolic or salicylic-acid mask. The deep-cleaning formula will clear out pores, slow down oil production and eventually stop breakouts.

4. Just Breathe: To keep bacne at bay, look for sweat-wicking or natural fiber workout clothes that absorb sweat. The breathable fabric will prevent oil from clogging up pores and help keep your back clear.

So now that you know our method of how to get rid of back acne do you have any other great ideas or tips that we might have missed? Let us know in the comment section!

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