Smiling = A Facelift Without Surgery

Lisa Cohen Lee

smiling = facelife without surgery

A recent study has shown that people who spend more time smiling develop fewer facial wrinkles than those who are stressed and are constantly frowning. This great news goes hand in hand with the fact that more people than ever are taking better care of their appearance. To capitalize on this some fitness gurus have even started offering smile classes to train people’s facial muscles. They’re essentially trying to offer a facelift without surgery.

One person who is leading the charge in the facial fitness craze is a German fitness instructor named Heike Hoefler. Shes developed her own personal brand of “facial gymnastics” and has taught thousands her unique style of face exercises.

Hoefler claims that the elasticity of the skin is directly tied to the collagen and her smiling techniques can help the facial skin to stay elastic and therefore prevent deep lines and wrinkles.

Part of the reason Hoefler says smiling is good is because it trains the muscles in the lips, mouth and cheek areas, which prevents premature sagging thus creating the tight impression of a facelift without surgery.

One simple exercise she suggests is placing your thumb and forefinger on the corners of your mouth and outer eye area, raise the fingers upwards a little and held in that position for around six seconds at a time. A ten second rest should be had between each repetition.

Another exercise that can help prevent the formation of wrinkles on the face is one that involves pushing air into your cheeks and holding it there for a few seconds. It has also been shown that sticking out one’s tongue helps to work the chin muscles and prevent wrinkles and sagging skin from developing in that area.

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