What is My Skin Type?: Unlocking the Secret to Healthy Skin

Lisa Cohen Lee


Want gorgeous, glowing skin? Start with your skin type. If you’re using products not meant for your complexion, it can lead to some serious skin issues like flaking, pimples and irritation. Yet, even if you are double-sure you know what your skin type is, it’s not a bad idea to recheck.  Those formulas that worked for you a decade ago might not be the best option for your complexion today (since hormones and the aging process can change your skin’s chemical makeup). So if you’re asking, “what’s my skin type?” here’s a little test you can do: Strip down your skin (nothing on it, please),  take a good, long look in the mirror, and then read on to find out what your face is telling you it needs to stay supple:

You know you’re DRY when: Your skin lacks a glow, and sports a perennial, dull, tired look. The best test to knowing if you are dry, is to wash it and rinse. If your face feels super tight afterward, it’s definitely thirsty and wants moisture.

You know you’re OILY when: There’s a shine staring back at you that doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how much you blot at it. If you’re also prone to pimples and have larger pores, then assume you are an oily type (but if you’re dry in other spots, see below).

You know you’re a COMBINATION when: You’re getting acne, but only on your forehead, nose or chin (known as the T-zone). Your cheeks tend to feel tight and thirsty.

You know you’re NORMAL when: Your skin is balanced, neither excessively oily nor very dry. It looks flake-free, feels supple and those pesky pimples are barely on your radar.

You know you’re SENSITIVE when: You’re seeing red and flakiness in spots. Your face feels extremely dry and is easily irritated when you use products with harsher ingredients.

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