Your Daily Skincare Routine: Size Matters

Lisa Cohen Lee

Your Daily Skincare Routine Size Matters

Sure, you may think it’s enough just having the right formulas in your daily skincare routine. But what you may not know is that the amount of product is just as important. If you’re piling creams and cleansers on, you could be putting yourself at risk for clogged pores and pimples. Yet if you’re using too little, you may not be getting the full benefits. Before you squeeze, scoop or pump product, check out this go-to guide for the precise portion size:

Cleanser: A nickel-sized dollop is the optimum amount for covering your face and your neck. Massage it in lightly to get the full cleansing benefits.

Daily Moisturizer with SPF: Spread a quarter-sized drop all over your face to ensure even coverage. Yet this is one formula in your daily skincare routine where it’s okay to do seconds, especially if you don’t have enough to get your nose and around your eyes.

Serum:  Thanks to its lightweight consistency and potent ingredients, you’ll find that a dime-sized amount is just enough to revitalize a smoother complexion.

Night Cream: This type of treatment usually has higher strengths of active ingredients, so use a bit less than you would a daily moisturizer. It’s also heavier than your regular moisturizer, so you’ll want to watch that you don’t block your pores. Scoop out about the size of a nickel and lightly massage it on.

Eye Cream: Two pea-sized drops will extend to both eyes. Dot it on gently with your ring finger and pat it in. Avoid rubbing, which can stretch out thin skin.

Acne Treatment:  While you may think applying a lot of product will clear up your face faster, it’s more likely to over dry and flake out your skin.  Dab a bead of formula directly to pimples and repeat before bed time.

Remember, watch what you're using and try not to drown your skin in products!

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