Summer Sandals and The Return of Blisters: Our Best Blister Treatment Advice

Lisa Cohen Lee

best blister treatment

Yup, it’s sandal season alright, but if you've got bandages covering up those ugly blisters then you’re definitely not joining the party.  Blisters are caused by friction—brief, intense rubbing from a new shoe or one you haven’t worn in a while (like a flip-flop). Fear not though, our blister treatment tips are here, and with a little TLC, your feet will be celebrating the season in no time.  


Don’t pop it: That bubble of fluid is protecting the new skin forming underneath, and if it pops, it will be exposed to bacteria and take longer to heal. Instead, dip a cotton swab in witch hazel and dab it on daily. This will help dry it out and make it heal more quickly (the fluid eventually gets absorbed back into your body).

Apply a topical antibiotic:  A blister treatment must-do: Coat a thin layer of antibiotic ointment over the blister at night. If it does pop naturally—which it may do-- this will prevent infection.

Leave it out in the open: Covering the blister up with a sock or shoe can worsen the condition, since the friction will further irritate it. Instead, keep it out in the open to help it heal quicker. If you must wear a closed shoe, cover the blemish with a band-aid, which will protect it.

Stop a blister before it starts: Got a new pair of shoes? Try a test run. Put them on, and walk around a few minutes, noting the areas where you feel rubbing. Take them off, and put a bandage or a thick coating of petroleum jelly on those areas to alleviate the friction. Eventually, your foot will get used to the shoe and you won’t feel a thing.  


Got the summertime blues from some blisters? Let us know what happened in the comment section!

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