Which Is It? The Best Hand Cream for Your Skin Type

Lisa Cohen Lee

best hand cream for your skin type

Here’s the truth: No matter how young your face looks, your hands give away your real age. Don’t believe us? Look down at ‘em, and you’ll see thin skin that’s thirsting for moisture, with cracks, lines and gulp, probably a few brown spots (if you don’t, consider yourself lucky). You see most of us neglect to take care of our hands (as opposed our face, which gets all of our anti-aging attention) and because of that, well, they’re showing the signs of age. But you can turn back the clock a little bit by zeroing in on the ingredients that will clear up your issues. Ready to find the best hand cream? Read on:  


For a dry, cracked texture: You need an ultra-moisturizing, thick cream with SPF, to prevent future damage. Turn the tube over, look at the label; water should be the first ingredient listed on it. The best hand cream for this texture also needs to have extra-hydrating ingredients, like glycerin or shea butter, to keep your hands continuously moisturized. For best results, slather it on morning and night.  


For brown spots: Try a brightening formula packed with alpha-hydroxy or glycolic acids, that will turn over dead skin cells and gradually fade discolorations. The exfoliating effects will smooth away a rough texture and make your skin look fresher and a bit younger.  


For saggy skin and fine lines: Opt for a cream that temporarily plumps up your skin to lessen that crepe-y, fragile look.  Check the label for niacin, an ingredient that has been shown to firm skin, and sodium hyaluronate, a skin plumper. Those ingredients, packed with nourishing moisturizers like shea butter or avocado oil, will definitely make your hands look smoother and more supple. And yes, just as young-looking as your face.  


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