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Hand Cream? Face Cream? Simple Differences You Need to Know Now

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a do-it-all cream that fought wrinkles on your face and everywhere else? Well, keep dreaming because despite what you might have heard, a face cream is entirely different than a hand cream,. Both of them treating the skin in each area in a unique way. So you’re going to need both. Period. Here’s why: The skin on your face is not the same as your hands. Your hands have thicker skin and can withstand a lot more. Facial skin is thinner, and has a tendency to develop blackheads and acne (not so for...

Which Is It? The Best Hand Cream for Your Skin Type

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Here’s the truth: No matter how young your face looks, your hands give away your real age. Don’t believe us? Look down at ‘em, and you’ll see thin skin that’s thirsting for moisture, with cracks, lines and gulp, probably a few brown spots (if you don’t, consider yourself lucky). You see most of us neglect to take care of our hands (as opposed our face, which gets all of our anti-aging attention) and because of that, well, they’re showing the signs of age. But you can turn back the clock a little bit by zeroing in on the ingredients that...