Up and Away: Our In-Flight Dry Skin Treatment Plan

Lisa Cohen Lee

after plane dry skin treatment

Jetting off on a summer vacay? Well, your skin will need a serious break after you've been up in the air. Whether it’s a quickie or an overnight, the lack of humidity during flight times (sometimes it’s less than 10%!) zaps your skin’s natural moisture, and can trigger a host of other not-so pretty issues, like annoying breakouts, a dull complexion and nasty-looking flakes. Sure you can apply moisturizer after, but to keep your skin looking as pretty as it does on land, use your in-flight time to work on a dry skin treatment plan, like ours, below:

Gear up your carry-on

Since the 3Fl oz. rule has been ingrained into our packing DNA, you can buy any of your fave products in a cute travel size. Pack everything you’ll need (especially for a 5 hour plus journey) to ensure your skin stays hydrated during your flight, like a moisturizer, eye cream and moisturizing cleansing wipes.

Skip the foundation, for now

Makeup is going to make your skin dry out faster than you can say, wheels up. So leave the full-on face at home, and do the bare minimum—a bit of concealor, some blush and light coating of mascara. If you’re really feeling naked, put on the rest of your makeup the hour before you land (making sure to coat your face with moisturizer first).

Spritz often

Don’t leave home without a tiny mister of super-hydrating mineral water. Mist it on your face whenever you feel dry. This dry skin treatment will evaporate on your skin giving it an extra shot of hydration that soaks in and feels oh-so fresh.

Drink wisely

Pass up the wine and coffee—both of which have diuretic effects that are dehydrating and can make you look tired—and drink up that H2O for pretty, fresh-looking skin at the gate.

So now that you know how to keep that great glow to your skin while soaring to your next destination, have a great flight!  


What is your dry skin treatment plan to keep your skin looking great on a flight? Share with us in the comment section!

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