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Up and Away: Our In-Flight Dry Skin Treatment Plan

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Jetting off on a summer vacay? Well, your skin will need a serious break after you've been up in the air. Whether it’s a quickie or an overnight, the lack of humidity during flight times (sometimes it’s less than 10%!) zaps your skin’s natural moisture, and can trigger a host of other not-so pretty issues, like annoying breakouts, a dull complexion and nasty-looking flakes. Sure you can apply moisturizer after, but to keep your skin looking as pretty as it does on land, use your in-flight time to work on a dry skin treatment plan, like ours, below: Gear up...

Don’t Do It! Top Reasons Why You Could Be Drying Your Skin Out

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Got dry skin? Then you may be to blame. Of course, genes play a role, but if you've noticed that your skin has gone from dry to drier recently, then it’s likely you need to adjust your routine with some skincare and lifestyle tweaks.  We've got the top reasons for dry skin and treatments below, so go ahead, make the changes and presto--your skin will be back to normal again: ●Temperature Extremes:  Skin hydration levels fluctuate with the temps. If you’re constantly moving from indoors to out—stuck in air conditioning or forced heat—the lack of humidity in the air is...