Don't Pay for Spa Treatments! DIY Hydrotherapy For Better Skin Texture

Lisa Cohen Lee

hydrotherapy for better skin texture

Got tired muscles and dimply-looking skin? Sure you can go to a spa and receive a pricey, soothing treatment, but we’ll let you in on a little secret: you can get the same results at home in your shower, armed with a few products and a little know how. That’s right, hydrotherapy—the therapeutic treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system to treat everything from illness to skin texture—is easy to replicate with the pulsing, water pressure from your showerhead. Want to give it a whirl? Read on.  


First, set up your “spa” experience. Grab one of your fluffiest, comfiest towels, a moisturizing, creamy shower wash, sea salt scrub (it’s detoxifying and helps smooth uneven skin texture) and a wash cloth.  Take a look at your showerhead: If it’s the massaging kind, turn the dial to the pulsing setting. If it’s not, you can still replicate the same feeling by turning the water on high so that you can manually control the pressure. Turn on the shower and make the water a warm, comfortable temperature.

In the Shower

Lather up with shower cream, while enjoying the warm water. Turn the temperature down to cool and the pressure to high. Let the jets pummel your body for at least 20 seconds targeting a specific spot, particularly cellulite-problem areas on your backside, chest, stomach and thighs. Then, change the water back up to warm again, with medium pressure, and apply the sea salt scrub all over your body. Using a wash cloth, rub circular motions in areas where your skin texture looks dimply; the extra movement will stimulate the lymphatic system to tighten and tone to make your skin appear smoother.


After you rinse off the scrub, turn off the shower and pat yourself dry with the towel. Your skin should feel softer and smoother. To keep it looking hydrated and even, massage in a firming body lotion all over.

Now make sure to pamper yourself the right way and give yourself that perfect skin texture you deserve!  


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