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Seven Sins of Beauty & Skin Care You Have Probably Been Guilty Of

Julia Sachs

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We know that life can get in the way of following through with the perfect skin care and beauty habits sometimes, but there are a handful of habits that should be left in the dust completely.

Party Girl? 3 Essential Tips On How To Look Younger With Your Wild Lifestyle

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Sure, you’re a party girl, but while you've been dancing on the tables having the time of your life, those late nights, smoky scenes and fruity cocktails are taking a huge toll on your skin. The signs of party skin? A sallow complexion, fine lines, dullness, wrinkles and even acne. But before you declare the party is over, learn how to look younger and fresher with these post-party, skin-saving solutions: Fake a good night’s rest Remember that after-hours thing you had to go to? Well, now you’re paying the price. Sleep is essential to keeping your skin looking less stressed...