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Top 10 Irritants That Could Be Preventing Clear Skin

Lisa Cohen Lee

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That ugly rash you can’t shake? It may be a common preservative or ingredient that’s found in your skincare, OTC first aid creams or even your jewelry. Irritants that make contact with your skin can cause a red, bumpy, itchy reaction, aka atopic dermatitis. When the Mayo Clinic conducted patch testing on participants, they identified the top 10 irritants that are bound to make even the hardiest skin types scratch. For clear skin, avoid these irritants whenever possible. And if you do come in contact, a cortisone cream will bring down the redness and irritation: 1. Nickel: This metal is...

Got Severe Acne? Acne Remedies to Discuss With Your Dermatologist

Lisa Cohen Lee

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Yes, you've got acne—so what are you doing about it? If you've tried everything in the drugstore and had mediocre results, then it’s probably time for something stronger. The best full-strength, serious acne remedies are prescribed by a dermatologist. And, lucky you, there are plenty of options, from popping oral meds to laser treatments. Before you book your appointment, though, make sure you give your OTC remedies the old college try—it takes 6-8 weeks to really see results—and read up on what you can expect from an RX:   Retinoid Creams: Ask your doc about a retinol cream, such as...