What Are Sulfates: Your Burning Questions Answered

Julia Sachs

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Beauty and fashion magazines have warned you for years: avoid sulfates at all costs. But what are sulfates, exactly, and why are they so bad for you?

The Truth About Physical Exfoliants

Julia Sachs

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With so much to choose from, many people wonder where to start when shopping for exfoliating skin care.

How To Tame Frizzy Hair

Julia Sachs

Tags Hair Care

In this blog post we outline the basics of how to tame frizzy hair and help it stay sleek and shiny through the colder months. 

Understanding Your Natural Moisture Barrier

Julia Sachs

Ah the mysterious moisture barrier—the reason skin care and beauty companies have convinced you to buy their product for years.

Yes, Oil Is Good For Your Skin—Here Is A Guide To Picking The Right One

Julia Sachs

Tags skincare

The truth is that when your skin begins to over produce oil, the reality is that your body likely feels that it is necessary to do so.